Fresh Seafood Hot Pot for 2~3 people - 海鮮鍋 うどん付き-


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Fresh Seafood Hot Pot for 2~3 people

海鮮鍋 うどん付き

Yebisu Hot Pot for Thu, Fri, Sat and Sunday 4days Only 


*ホームデリバリーで ” 特選鍋、各種 ” を配達ご希望の方は、 前日夕方6時が締め切りとなります。それ以降のオーダーは直接エビス様 0292113038 へご連絡ください。

こちらの商品は、Mum's Food Home Delivery Menu (Restaurant Menu を除く)より$50以上ご購入頂いたお客様限定商品となっております。

This item is limited to customers who purchased over $50 from Mum's Food Home Delivery Menu (excluding Restaurant Menu).

When you want to order this Hot Pot Menu, Available for Thu, Fri , Sat and Sunday only but you need order by before 6pm delivery which day do you want to delivery to your home. * Mum's Food temporary closed on Sunday